Serge Raes

Standardisation & Intellectual Property Strategy Director, Orange

Prof. Dr. Ir. Serge Raes is responsible for the strategy and coordination between Standardisation and Intellectual Property for the Orange (formerly France Telecom) Group since 10/2003, i.e. with a strong focus on Standard Essential Patents inherited from his 12 years of former experience within Alcatel, ETSI and the 3G Patent Platform Partnership (3G3P).

He also serves as Rapporteur on Patent Issues at the ITU chairing the IPR Ad Hoc Group to the TSB Director since 11/2005, is the ETSI IPR Special Committee Vice-Chair since 02/2010, and is the NGMN IPR Forum Chairman since 09/2016 after having been Co-Chairman since 01/2016.

He was a Professor in Radiocommunications for 12 years at the Belgian State University of Liège (Montefiore Institute) and has gained a wide experience in corporate standardisation and intellectual property issues from manufacturer, operator, SDO and Patent Pool perspectives in the past 30 years.

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