Green Future Networks

  • Registration & Welcome Coffee: 08:00am
  • Conference: 09:00am – 03:00pm
  • Exhibition: 09:00am – 04:00pm


Introduction of Day 2

by Anita Doehler, CEO NGMN

Significantly reducing environmental impact whilst sustaining economic growth is one of the biggest challenges of the next decade.  Whether the goal is to reduce carbon emissions or to better use limited resources, the telecommunication industry can play a key role in enabling other industries and consumers to reduce their environmental impact. And there is a strong necessity and urgency to reducing its own environmental impact.
On Day 2 industry leading speakers and panelists representing operators, vendors and research institutions as well as innovative startups will present and discuss which areas need to be considered in the journey to become a “Green Telco”.

Keynote Speech by

  • Steve Martineau, Senior Advisor COP26:
    Required actions to fulfil today’s promises for the generations

09:30am – 12:00 noon

Green Future Networks Session I 

Includes a coffee break

Session Moderator: Guy Daniels, Director of Content, Telecom TV

Roadmaps to Carbon Neutrality and Implementation Examples by MNOs and Vendors
Best practice: Deployments of Energy Efficiency Standards
E2E Service Footprint Measurement
Requirements to Metering
Green Networks Benchmark KPIs and methodologies – the Route to an Industry Standard
Eco-Design of Products

Presentations and panel discussion by:

  • Saima Ansari, Senior Partner Manager, Deutsche Telekom
    Next level Deutsche Telekom Sustainability strategy
  • Hakan Ekmen, CEO, Umlaut
    Key network energy efficiency technology aspects and relevance of Green KPIs
  • Graziano Catucci, Chief Technology Architect, HPE
    Green G: The Path Toward Telco Sustainability
  • Philipp Deibert, Partner, Deloitte Consulting
    Green ICT – Sustainability beyond Energy Efficiency
  • Rishikesh Chakraborty, Vodafone
    Vodafone Net Zero Plan
  • Karim Mchirki, VP Product Management, 6WIND
    Accelerate your Virtualized & Cloud Native Journey:
    Reduce your Carbon Footprint by Lowering your Energy Consumption by Two-thirds!
  • Jeroen Cox Strategic Lead Energy & Environment, KPN (video clips)
  • Philip Song, Chief Marketing Officer, Carrier BG, Huawei (video clips)
  • Panel (all speakers)

12:00 noon – 1:00pm Lunch Break

1:00pm – 03:00pm

Green Future Networks Session  II

Session Moderator: Guy Daniels, Director of Content, Telecom TV

How is the mobile industry managing its own sustainability challenges? And how is this achieved whilst deploying 5G and moving to 6G?
Green Networks Energy Efficiency improvement,
Balance between sustainability and business requirements
Sustainable Supply Chain Criteria
Green Tech Innovation for Telcos
New Business Models for Sustainability

Special Session:
Four innovative Green Startups present their solutions for the Telecommunications Industry

  • Sandra Stickel, General Manager Europe, Kynetic Energy
  • Robert Johnen, Managing Partner, Mowea
  • Nick Primavesi, Head of Strategy, Cross Flow Energy
  • Hugues Marceau, CEO, Autonom

Presentations and panel discussions by:

  • Jane Rygaard, Head of Dedicated Wireless Networks & Edge Cloud, Nokia
    Managing our sustainability challenges. Aiming for net zero networks.
  • Ana Maria Galindo Serrano, Head of Green ITN Programme, Orange
    Orange actions towards sustainable networks.
  • Yogesh Malik, EVP and CTIO, Tele2 (video clips)
  • Mats Pellbäck Scharp, Head of Sustainability, Ericsson
    Designing solutions to break the energy curve.
  • Panel (all speakers)


Closure and Farewell

by Anita Doehler, CEO NGMN and Arash Ashouriha, SVP Group Technology Innovation Deutsche Telekom and Chairman of the NGMN Board

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